Restaurant Interior Design: The Missing Piece from Your Restaurant

An ugly restaurant is a failing restaurant. The restaurant industry is infamously competitive. Price, value, location, service and, of course, the food are all areas which restaurateurs must optimise if they are to make back their often considerable investment. There isn’t a restaurant owner in the land who doesn’t work carefully to ensure their food is of the very best quality. They wouldn’t dream of opening their doors if they didn’t think their service was suitable for the area in which they were situated. It’s surprising, then, the number who think that restaurant interior design is only a secondary consideration.

The food must be good and the price right, but it won’t matter if people don’t want to be IN your restaurant or, worse, if the layout of your restaurant is such that bottle necks are constantly forming, waiting staff cannot get between tables easily or the noise from the hand dryers in the toilets drowns out conversation.

The first thing a restaurant interior designer will do when hired to design or redesign your restaurant is to consider the ergonomics of the place. This means to create a layout which is suitable for human use and allows (even encourages) efficient operation. Most restaurants rely to a large degree on passing trade and for this reason are generally to be found in prime retail locations. Renting or buying such space is inevitably expensive and so the size of the restaurant is limited. If the layout of your restaurant does not take this into account, then the results can be disastrous. If waiting staff have to squeeze between tables or if they have to pass through the same gap in order to reach a number of tables, accidents are likely to happen. Staff could collide, guests might shift their chairs out suddenly, etc. Good, ergonomic restaurant interior design will ensure that the distance a waiter or waitress has to carry plates is as small as possible. In multi-layered restaurants, a good old fashioned dumb waiter prevents staff having to carry trays up and down stairs. Some restaurants - notably sushi restaurants - reduce the distance food has to be transported to the bare minimum by making the cooking area the focus of the restaurant. With many customers sat around the bars that surround the cooking area, cooking staff can pass plates directly to them. This also reduces costs, as fewer waiting staff are needed

Restaurant interior designers can work with you whether you are building an entirely new set of premises, completely redesigning a newly leased property or just giving your old restaurant an overhaul. Each offers its own set of challenges and rewards, but that’s OK; compromises are terrible, but restrictions are wonderful. Restrictions tell a designer the size and shape of their canvas and what colour paints they have to use. It is the design that makes a great restaurant as much as the area in which you have to work; the Ivy is down a relatively minor side street and yet is one of London’s most exclusive places to dine.

People like to feel they're eating somewhere special. Unless you want your restaurant to look like a McBurger outlet, then a restaurant interior designer will work hard to ensure it has its own character. In extreme cases, one can end up with restaurants such as New York’s famous BED (now closed), where diners ate reclined on four poster beds. More commonly, this can mean carefully thought out design choices which reflect some internally consistent thought.

However large or small your restaurant, it has to be attractive. Food tastes better when people are enjoying themselves. Great design means yours isn’t just a great restaurant; it’s a destination.

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