Metropole Curtain Poles

The Metropole curtain pole from Silent Gliss combines the sleek operating system of a curtain track with the style and versatility of a pole. Its design allows curtains to be hung which are heavier or longer than would normally be possible on a standard curtain pole. Any number of brackets can be fitted without obstructing the movement of the gliders and curtain, making it perfect for weak fittings.

Why does choosing curtains have to be about making sacrifices? We all want something with style and elegance: something that isn’t going to stand out or break up the design of your room. At the same time, we also want something that can be closed easily. If your window is long or your curtains heavy, a curtain track is essential as they are able to hold a greater weight than poles and there are no brackets to obstruct the curtain’s movement. This is particularly true if you use your curtains often.

Silent Gliss Metropole curtain poles with gliders are the ideal solution. They combine the simple to use and effective operation of a curtain track with the aesthetic quality of a curtain pole. The Metropole curtain pole has a channel cut into the bottom along which the gliders can move freely, easily and without obstruction. This operating system produces less friction and stress on the pole than a ringed curtain would. The additional load bearing strength means heavier curtains can also be fitted than would be possible if you had chosen a traditional curtain pole. You can also hang multiple curtains on one pole.

Metropole curtain poles come in a variety of colours and styles. Some offer bold but simple designs, which minimise the aesthetic intrusion of the pole. The minimal face depth of designs such as Metro Flat also allow curtains to be fitted closer to the window pane.

Like other forms of metal curtain pole, the Silent Gliss Metropole curtain poles can be bent to fit bay windows. The bending process is conducted by trained technicians working to exact specifications in order to achieve the best fit.

Although the pole is fitted with brackets, they are arranged in such a way as not to obstruct the channel. This means even long curtains can be opened and closed fully. Some walls are traditionally considered difficult to attach curtain poles or tracks to because the fittings are too weak. These can include crumbly breeze block walls, crumbly plaster on brick or plasterboard on a wooden frame. In instances such as these, where the wall is not secure, the combined weight of the pole and curtains might be enough to rip sizeable chunks out of the plaster work. In place of a nice new pair of curtains, you'll just have a whopping great hole in your wall. Due to the fact that the brackets do not obstruct the gliders, any number of brackets can be fitted to the Metropole curtain pole, distributing the weight of the curtains through multiple points. This makes the pole ideal for weak fittings.

The right-angled bracket of some of the Metropole curtain pole designs can be fitted flush to the ceiling. This makes them ideal for older houses, which may have low ceilings, or rooms and offices with full length windows.

Silent Gliss Metropole are suited to a range of different settings, making them a practical solution as well as a great aesthetic choice.

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