Enjoy A Wonderful Holiday In One Of The Luxury Hotels In Lanzarote

It’s that time of the year again when all you can think of is booking that much needed vacation in one of the excellent hotels in Lanzarote and leaving the rat race well behind for a few precious weeks, however a holiday alone can take a lot of planning and booking hotels and flights can be very time-consuming. Why not select a travel company which will do the majority of the hard work for you, from arranging the flights and transfers to making your reservations at one of the Luxury Hotel Holidays in Lanzarote, leaving you to just sit back, relax and enjoy your vacation, stress free.

Following a smooth, relaxing flight you arrive at the airport where your airport taxi is waiting to get you to one of the five star hotels in Lanzarote. You're feeling totally pampered and spoilt, you’re complete getaway has been arranged for you and the only thing you have had to do is make the tough final decision of which of the lovely hotels in Lanzarote you would like to stay in. As your taxi pulls up outside the hotel you know you clearly made the right choice. A sumptuously elegant building stands before you, encircled by gently swaying palms and rich vegetation, a true sight for sore eyes.

When you enter the reception you are welcomed by hospitable, courteous staff with re-freshening towels and glasses of champagne. You think to yourself, if this is the way they welcome you in the hotels in Lanzarote then you never want to leave. On stepping into your room your feelings of vacationing here indefinitely are proven beyond doubt, a superbly decorated, large room opens out before you and you start noticing all of the little touches that are going to make your vacation in this hotel in Lanzarote really something special. As you wander round the generous, well equipped space that you will be calling home for the next two weeks your eye is drawn to the window. A spectacular picture of beauty sits just outside and is one which you simply can’t wait to discover. Mountain tops, greenery, the ocean and never-ending expanses of soft, sandy beaches. A perfect oasis.

It’s early evening and as you begin unpacking your cases, continually diverted by the remarkable views, you start to notice the first pangs of hunger. You decide to go searching for one of the restaurants and indulge in a hearty meal. Quite possibly the most delicious meal arrives in front of you, a typical regional dish that you are just dying to get your teeth into. Do all the hotels in Lanzarote provide such fine cuisine you wonder. You desperately want to try a dessert but you're so full from the main course, so you make a mental note just to order something light tomorrow to save enough room for pudding.

You head back up to your room, select a tipple out of the mini bar and step out to the terrace where you are just in time to watch a magnificent Lanzarote sundowner. Just as the light begins to fade you see the lights from the other hotels in Lanzarote twinkling and a million tiny stars fill the sky. It truly doesn’t get any better than this.

Tiredness is beginning to catch up with you and as you decide to turn in for the night and snuggle down within your soft, cool bed, in one of the most desirable hotels in Lanzarote, you make a promise to yourself. You promise that tomorrow morning, prior to breakfast time, you'll have a dip in the pool followed by a sauna and relaxing massage at the spa and then, if you have sufficient energy left after such extravagant pampering, you may take a wander along the promenade and treat yourself to a bite to eat in one of the lovely beachside restaurants whilst soaking up some of the most incredible surroundings. What a perfect day.

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